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Your Session with Kali
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What is hidden within your sexual depths?

Kali will guide you into new arenas of experience.

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YES! Your masculine presence, passion and fire can always be experienced as an intense unlimited capacity for pleasure.
Contraction and repression of your sexuality always results in
tension, anxiety and lack of fulfillment.

Go beyond sex for tension relief only!


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A Typical Session with Kali
A session is two hours, and encompasses a variety of experience depending on your focus. You may be interested in honing your skills as a lover; lasting longer, or the reverse; experience more satisfying orgasms including full body orgasm or experiencing and learning something new. If you decide you would like to book a session with me I always enjoy hearing a little bit about your background - What is happening for you currently in your sexual life? Is there anything you would like to share with me in regard to past experiences around sex? Or current experiences? Are you on any kind of medication?

Lasting Longer
My specialty is making a difference to premature ejaculation.I recommend a two hour session, You will be amazed at what a difference you can experience in this session. It is based on relaxation and sensate body focus. You will go home with some wonderful followthrough simple practices, that will make a tremendous difference to lasting longer. Imagine how much more your partner will appreciate you.

Lasting Longer Intensive
One of the most effective long term solutions is the intensive I offer. Typically this takes place over three days. You will have two sessions a day with a break in between.The options are to come to Phoenix where I am based or I can travel to your area. (You would need to pay for me flight and hotel accommodation.). Also you would need to book in advance.

The program is based on sessions I have been doing for many years for premature ejaculation and for lasting longer and enhancing your overall sexual experiences.

It is based on one-to-one gentle instruction in "sensate focus" a specialized technique of relaxed touching developed by sex researchers Masters & Johnson. Sensate focus enables you to more fully present in the moment — to enjoy every moment of touch with complete relaxation, clear focus and heightened sensory awareness.

Sensate focus is so effective because you learn to enjoy enhanced pleasure not only for your partner but, just as importantly, for yourself. There is no performance pressure which you may have experienced with your partner. There are no demands or expectations — just pure pleasure.

Sensate focus includes a myriad of different sensory experiences, awakening each part of the body with heightened stimulation, with each session building upon the next in terms of depth and closeness. The sensory journey is intended to help you overcome problems that may have dampened your experiences in the past, inhibiting the full expression of your sensuality and sexuality.

Please call me at 602-309-1309 to set up an intensive or a 2 hour session.

What Others Have to Say About Kali . . .

"I am a 53 year old male with controlled type 2 diabetes. I also have Psoriatic Arthritis. Because of this I take a large amount of medication. For the last ten years I have had to use drugs to achieve an erection. First Viagra and now penile injection. I had a wonderful two hour session with this dear lady and she gave me a wonderful gift. Hope! Yes after opening up and telling her about my sex life and how I am never aroused without the use of drugs. She showed me. Boy did she show me! And gave me skills to do it on my own. Now I know it possible and have faith of restoration of natural spontaneity in my sex life. Kali is a wonderful person who truly loves men and has a desire to restore and enhance men's ability to perform.”
Dave R., Chicago

"I recently went through a divorce after 20 years of marriage. I knew that even after being married 20 years, and being thrust back into the single life, I still had some things to learn in sex and intimate relationships. Not sure where to turn I researched surrogates on the web and decided the most experienced, knowledgeable, informative and willing to help person out there was Kali. I worked with Kali for 2 days and it was the best experience regarding relationships, sex, intimacy, and the opposite sex. I learned more in 2 days than I would have in years of researching. Kali was terrific and the sessions were life changing. I think every male, and every couple should take Kali sessions. I even joked it should be a requirement for every young man to learn from Kali. I gained self-confidence and knowledge and can go on with my new life with a newfound sense of excitement and confidence and I am sure I will apply the lessons learned to future relationships… " Sincerely. 1 extremely satisfied male from Illinois         

" Kali has the uncanny ability to transform one's awareness of the present into the ever-expansiveness of eternity; while at the same time drawing the depths of all universes down into the nucleus one's soul." AP. NYC

“ I found a breathing exercise you recommend doing for 10 minutes, 1-3x a day. So I've added that exercise to my daily meditations and so far, WOW! I have also been allowing myself to relax and to feel the moment, to be present, as you recommend and talked with my wife about your recommendations. Thank you for making a difference”. Jeff, Cleveland

“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Kali and thank her for being such a positive influence in my life. Kali advertises her sessions as potentially life altering and I believe this to be true. I truly believe the time I spent with Kali will improve all areas of my life. I do want to emphasize her care and professionalism. There is no pressure and she is very good about finding your expectations and working with you to exceed those expectations. I could tell she really cares about the people she meets and really believes in what she is doing. The session is only the beginning. Kali made sure to give me information that will enable me to further develop myself”. DG, Phoenix, AZ

“ What a privilege to meet you and rest in your presence. I have appreciated all your patience, understanding, support and love. You dynamite woman, I do love you and look forward to when we meet again”. Michael, NYC

“ Thanks so much for your information. Of late I have improved greatly because of your tips for lasting longer”. Mark, Florida

“ WOW it has been several years since you worked with me, and you really sent me on a path. My life is awesome, and you started me on this incredible journey. I am doing great”. Ed, NYC

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Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means expansion of consciousness and liberation of energy. It is about becoming more conscious and when applied in love making deepens intimacy, intensity and orgasmic orgastic experience heading in the direction of full body orgasmic feeling.

Tantra opens the way to revitalize and enhance the quality of your sexual experiences. You will gain a whole new perspective of what is possible.

Tantra gives you a clear advantage in all of your intimate relating. Tantra is an opportunity to experience the unknown — the joy of living dangerously, beyond the known.

Tantra is about letting go of the need to create conditions in order to create security. With maturity of mind you are able to simply dive into life. The key is your ability to let go of outcome.

A mediocre life is is the minimum manifestation of your potential — efficient, controlled, and predictable. Sex is the strongest force within and the foundation of existence. When you block your sexual expression you create imbalance in many forms — including depression, illness and disease.

A man really becomes a man when he accepts total responsibility for himself. You are responsible for your sexual well-being. This takes the greatest courage, and sharpens your intelligence.

The way of intelligence is aliveness, spontaneity, openness, courage, vulnerability and the willingness to function without conclusions.

Executive Advanced Mentoring for the Tantric Enthusiast: beginners welcome
This is for the exceptional man who wants to experience a refreshingly different realm of tantric sex and sexual energy expression. There is nothing quite like it. Your mentoring is a unique and individualized ongoing program. Imagine, created especially for you. Napoleon Hill says "sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses." It is the fuel for everything.

How can you transform sex from the dutiful, familiar, mundane into a potent form of expression as a man?
Sex can increase your pleasure, aliveness, vitality and health, prosperity and abundance.
Experience your infinite sexual energy more powerfully as a man. Discover how you can seed your vision through balance in all aspects — mental, emotional, physical, spiritual —AND sexual.


See my TANTRA ART . . .


Consider this . . .

Your inner being is pure positive energy, free of resistance.

Your inner being opens you to wisdom, love, well-being and power.

When you are in alignment with your source you always experience your natural clarity, vitality, enthusiasm, well-being and passion.

Here is an exceptional opportunity for you — if you are hungry to experience a new level in your intimate experience. I like to describe it as allowing the possibility of oceanic awakening.

warm regards

as an expression of Shakti

Kali breaks all boundaries and conventions in her appearance and behavior. She shatters the superficiality of the ordinary mind and reality, bringing profound truths to light. The nature of Kali is ecstatic and daring. She is difficult to define and confine. She is completely responsible for her own ecstasy, so when she comes together with Shiva, the supreme lord, their dance is such that Shiva attains the highest states of bliss and inner wisdom, through her radiance.